Michelangelo took his art seriously. He delved into the science of anatomy to create the finest art masterpieces the world has ever known.

Meetings are a significant investment for your organization. We have the scientific approach to bring them in on time, on budget, exceeding management and attendee expectations.

A conference, incentive, or meeting is an opportunity to inform, entertain, and inspire. In 1992 PlanNet was founded with the objective of complementing the core competencies of organizations with the experience, knowledge, and buying expertise in managing domestic and international meetings and congresses and to maximize their return on investment.

Meetings are traditionally looked on as an administrative task from the perspective of senior management at the “C level” (CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO, etc). A pure expense to the organization. The PlanNet philosophy is that this is just a fraction of the responsibility of a true Meeting Professional. Successfully managing and organizing a meeting must be measured by the attendee networking and relationships developed, the good-will associated with the meeting experience, the inverse relationship of costs as they relate to producing the program, and that we make our client look GREAT. To accomplish this we must sweat the small stuff.

The Project Manager must be integrally involved with the key influencers associated with the program, and understand their goals and objectives. At PlanNet we perpetually evaluate and improve the attendee and client experience. By asking good questions and utilizing our tremendous resources and relationship pool we work with you to develop a program that will result in . Our unique culture embraces and celebrates the talents and perspectives of a variety of ages, interests, beliefs and backgrounds.

Attendees are more selective about the meetings they attend. They expect a smile, personal care, and attention to detail. Your meeting is the vehicle for great strategic thinking to be transformed into actionable and achievable plans that yield desired operating results. The good-will gained through the personal relationships, human interaction, and exchange of views is your primary return on investment and can only be achieved through professional meeting management.

PlanNet is an integral part of the global market of congress organizers
with our specialists we care deeply about the success of all involved! Planning a meeting isn’t rocket science but, the same can be said for creating music, writing poetry, or painting a picture…but if you want a masterpiece, hire the professional at PlanNet.

We will be happy to hear from you, answer your questions, and respond to your needs. In short, Why PlanNet? “Finding and retaining “great clients” is as important as finding and retaining “great people”.

Great Minds, Great Meetings... PlanNet.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The PlanNet Team



Thank You: 

“I thought I had been getting a lot of concessions in my contracts, but I also didn't realize how much time I was spending on an area that really wasn't my expertise. Thanks to PlanNet, we get better rates and more concessions, and I don't get bogged down with the details. I also never realized the exposure we had in hotel contracts until you pointed them out"

“We saved thousands of dollars utilizing your negotiation skills.”

"By all accounts, the Banking Roundtable was a huge success thanks, in part, to your participation in the event.”

“Our meetings and events would not have been conceived, managed, coordinated, and executed at the highly successful levels without your expert knowledge and awesome personal and professional presence.”

The Experience:
“In a space crowded by many players, you distinguish PlanNet as a true MVP.”

“Though I thought your forms were a bit long in the beginning, it wasn't until we got onsite that I realized how much time that upfront investment saved me"

“You have a very efficient and complete communication system and I applaud you.”

“Your destination and property knowledge both in North America and overseas combined with your negotiation skills allowed us to find the right hotel  and get the best rates for our sales incentive, thank you."

“From the electronic registration process to menus, signage, events, room block management and onsite coverage; PlanNet epitomized value-added, professional service.”

“PlanNet has the best onsite management support we have ever seen, and we work with agencies all over the world. You stay involved and assisted in every aspect of our conference.”

“The level of professionalism was delivered through your constant enthusiasm and solid skill set.”

“I left the meeting feeling inspired.  Specifically, your company’s progressive business practices and integration of technology are commendable.  You have a refreshing perspective on the meetings industry”

"I must say, the incentive program, measurement tools, and communication you designed for the BBR program is one of the most professional programs/systems that we have in place here. Very nice."

The Memories:
“Your industry knowledge, professional staff, thorough site selection, and onsite management expertise have created memorable moments for us.”

“Your attention to detail on attendee registration, food and beverage, speakers, and transportation made every guest feel like a VIP.”

“PlanNet has the best onsite management support we have ever seen, and we work with agencies all over the world. You stay involved and assisted in every aspect of our conference”

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