If your company’s next meeting succeeds, it will be a heavenly event. But, if it fails, you’ll have the devil to pay. Only Dante knew how to describe the pain and suffering that meeting planners and their attendees experience when the wrong facility is selected.

We have the experience and dedication to ensure that you select the best location for your meeting. Anything less is sinful.

In today's dynamic environment you must not only satisfy and delight clients, employees, attendees and partners but it's essential to reduce organizational exposure by managing attrition, cancellation, and other hotel industry related risks.

Powered by SourceYourMeeting.com and complemented by extensive industry knowledge and experience we provide you with the information necessary to make informed site decisions. We save you an enormous amount of time by doing the research and negotiations for you.

We work for and represent you. We don’t receive “preferred hotel” payments which would cause a conflict of interest. We book the right program for your needs at any hotel or resort worldwide. You make the decisions, we do the work, and you remain in control. Ask about how PlanNet can assist you in managing the following exposures as well:

  • Hotel guest room attrition

  • Walking of your guests

  • Cancellation clauses

  • Force Majeure

  • Meeting room rental

  • Meeting room assignments

  • Early departure fees

  • Creative meeting and incentive destinations (Tent, Bed)

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